ISRAEL - First Flying EMS Vehicle

Arno Froese

When we wrote about Urban Aeronautics earlier this year, CEO Rafi Yoeli told us that the first deployment of the CityHawk VTOL (“vertical takeoff and landing”) would be with an EMS provider. Now we know who.

“With such a small physical footprint, VTOLs serve a critical need: the ability to land anywhere,” Yoeli told ISRAEL21c. “You can bring a doctor directly to a patient or rescue a patient. Helicopters today often must land a kilometer a way, then the medical team runs through the streets. A lot of time is lost.”

Hatzolah Air has been flying fixed-wing aircraft. The CityHawk’s Fancraft internal rotor and wing-less design allow the craft to land on a sidewalk. The Hatzolah Air version of the CityHawk will be able to transport a patient plus a companion, two EMT personnel and a pilot, along with a complete package of life support equipment.

“Based on our initial estimates, we foresee a potential market of at least 800 CityHawks for Hatzolah and other EMS operators,” said Eli Rowe, president of Hatzolah Air.

As we reported previously, the CityHawk is based on the unmanned Cormorant VTOL, which has been in testing since 2015 and has completed 300 test flights. Cormorant VTOLwon’t be in service for at least another three years, with the CityHawk following a couple of years later. The process of applying for and receiving FAA certification alone could take five years., 1 September 2020

Arno's commentary

This flying vehicle is more or less a small version helicopter.

It is extremely useful in case of emergency, as the article indicates. For Israel—a nation who is still at war with a number of Arab countries—evacuation of wounded soldiers quickly from the battlefield to a hospital would save lives. But, it is still in the development stages and will take some years before it becomes operational. As Brian Blum, the author of the article says: “Despite the excitement, don’t expect to see flying Hatzolah EMS vehicles anytime soon.”

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