ISRAEL - Gaza Tunnel Barriers to the Sea

Arno Froese

The underground barrier designed to prevent tunnels from crossing into Israel from Gaza will stretch into the Mediterranean to stave off Hamas infiltration by sea.

Israel’s underground barrier, which has a system of advanced sensor and monitoring devices to detect tunnels, is made from European bentonite and is combined with a 6 m. high above-ground fence similar to the one which runs along the Israeli-Egyptian border.

The IDF is confident that no tunnel will be able to cross the underground barrier, which it says will change the reality on the ground for both Israel and Hamas.

Hamas continues to invest significant amounts of manpower and money into their tunnel system. Zamir described it as a “metro system” of three different kinds of tunnels including smuggling tunnels with Egypt, tunnels inside the Strip used for command centers and weapons storage and offensive tunnels used for cross-border attacks into Israel.

According to Zamir, many of the tunnels run under civilian homes in the Gaza Strip. He presented two residential buildings used by Hamas, including one which belongs to a family with six children and another six-story building built within the past two years.

“Part of Hamas’s combat strategy is to conduct itself within civilian areas, which is intended to make it difficult for the IDF to locate, attack and destroy the group’s military infrastructure,” Zamir stated, adding that by drawing Israeli fire to these buildings, Hamas aims to delegitimize Israel and the IDF., 10 August 2017

Arno's commentary

Hamas’ intention is still the same: destruction of the Jewish state. But Israel is alert; they have successfully built a security fence (wall), thus reducing terrorist attacks significantly. In the air, Israel’s Air Force is second to none. That can also be said for their naval capabilities. The tunnel threat will also be reduced by this underground barrier system, with its advanced sensors capable of monitoring any tunnel digging activity.

Above and beyond all this, there is still the most important issue seldom mentioned in the media, and that is the God of Israel. Regardless of Israel’s condition, their position is eternal. “For thus saith the Lord of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye” (Zechariah 2:8).

Arno Froese is the executive director of Midnight Call Ministries and editor-in-chief of the acclaimed prophetic magazines Midnight Call and News From Israel. He has authored a number of well-received books, and has sponsored many prophecy conferences in the U.S., Canada, and Israel. His extensive travels have contributed to his keen insight into Bible prophecy, as he sees it from an international perspective.

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