ISRAEL - Reservists Drafted to Help Fight Coronavirus

Arno Froese

Israel’s parliament gave the government sweeping authorities to combat a resurgent coronavirus outbreak, weakening its own oversight over cabinet decisions as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns of a possible second lockdown.

Israel plans to draft as many as 3,000 reservists to help rein in the coronavirus outbreak, the Defense Ministry said.

The reservists, most from the Home Front Command, will assist with epidemiological investigations and provide extra staffing for quarantine hotels, the ministry said. They’ll also boost the command’s presence in cities with a relatively large number of infections.

There are more than 72,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in Israel to date, including more than 530 fatalities. The plan to involve the military more was pushed by Israel’s new coronavirus czar, who was appointed to try to formulate a coherent strategy to combat the surge in cases and deaths that followed Israel’s reopening of its economy after a near-total lockdown., 2 August 2020

Arno's commentary

Israel’s population stands at 8,675,000 (July 2020). Seventy-five percent are Jewish, with 76.9% born in Israel. Life expectancy stands at 83 years. Coronavirus deaths per 100,000 are listed at 6.90; thus, a very effective country in fighting the virus.

To draft the military into a coronavirus fighting force is certainly to be commended. Recently, the Knesset voted to increase the fine to 500 shekels ($146) for those who violate the law by not wearing masks in public places. 

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