SWEDEN - Rare Earth Discovered

Arno Froese

The state-owned LKAB mine, which sits 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle, is one of the world’s largest sources of iron ore, used for making steel.

This year, the company made a game-changing discovery at the mine. Mixed in with the iron ore were rare earths—raw materials that are used to power motors in wind turbines, electric vehicles and a range of other products and that are critical for the transition to clean energy. The company said it found the largest-known deposit of rare-earth metals in Europe.

The discovery of the deposit, known as Per Geijer, comes as many European countries like Sweden try to develop energy independence. That includes breaking a reliance on China, which dominates the world’s supply and processing of key metals and minerals, including rare earths. It also comes as European countries seek to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, using technologies that rely on rare earths.

Ebba Busch, Sweden’s deputy prime minister, who is also the minister for energy, business and industry, told NPR that Sweden needs to be energy independent. She says that this message was driven home after Russia cut off energy supplies to Europe because of its support for Ukraine.

“We are so dependent on minerals from China,” says Erika Ingvald, the head of mineral information and mining industry at the Geological Survey of Sweden in the college town of Uppsala. “And China is known for using their raw materials, for instance in geopolitical challenges, if you like ... as a weapon.”

China also dominates rare-earth processing, but Ingvald says there’s movement to increase processing capacity in Europe.

-www.npr.org, 18 July 2023

Arno's Commentary

The article reveals that rare earth deposits were discovered way back in the 1960s. But the discovery of Per Geijer is very significant in our days, as the world is racing to switch to renewable energy, using technologies that rely heavily on rare earth minerals.

Sweden is one of the super-successful, semi-socialist countries, with a per capita GDP of $53,600 (2021). Life expectancy is 82.8 years. While Sweden is a member of the EU, they have kept their own currency, the Swedish krona, which has apparently served them quite well. Religiously, 60% are Lutheran, but a survey by WI Network Market Research states that “about 80% of respondents said they are either not religious or convinced atheists.” Again, this shows that religion is relatively insignificant, not only in Sweden but also throughout Europe. Thus, this is further preparation for the world to ultimately accept the manmade religion as revealed in Revelation 13.

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