UKRAINE - Israel Provides Virtual Hospital for Refugees

Arno Froese

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center is spearheading a groundbreaking medical mission that is bringing telemedicine technologies to the aid of refugees.

Sarit Lerner, chief technology officer of Sheba Beyond, the virtual hospital of Israel’s Sheba Medical Center, flew to Moldova with an initial delegation of 15 physicians, medics and paramedics from Israeli voluntary emergency response organization United Hatzalah.

United Hatzalah has sent many emergency teams to disaster sites abroad, including in Surfside, Florida, last June.

Israeli technologies including the TytoCare remote exam kit allow Sheba’s physicians to lend their expertise in the field without leaving the medical center in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan.

“This is the first time I know of that a humanitarian mission is adding extraordinary value to the first responders there,” says Dr. Galia Barkai, director general of Sheba Beyond.

“Sarit took with her the technology that brings all of Sheba’s excellent clinicians and specialists to the war zone.”

“The world has changed to be more open to using telemedicine technologies,” Barkai tells ISRAEL21c.

“I see the trip as a true representation of us all,” Lerner said. “We have a responsibility to utilize the information and capabilities that we possess in order to help others in need and provide humanitarian assistance to our fellow people anywhere in the world.”, 28 February 2022

Arno's Commentary

How true! The world has changed, continues to change, and will do so until total cooperation is established. Israel’s medical science sector is one of the leaders in the world. When it comes to high technology, Israel is definitely climbing the ladder toward global domination.

Here again, we see the Jews are different. They can go back to Father Abraham, of which is written in Genesis 22:18: “And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.” We know, of course, that this blessing refers to the coming of God the Son, who proclaimed, “I will build my church.”

Why medical aid to Ukrainian refugees? “We have a responsibility to…provide humanitarian assistance to our fellow people anywhere in the world.”

Regarding foreign aid provided by Israel, Wikipedia says: “Since the inception of its foreign aid programs, the Israel Foreign Ministry reports that as of 2020, Israel has provided international humanitarian aid to over 140 countries or territories, including states with no diplomatic relations with Israel.”

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