USA - Facial-Recognition Expanded for Global Travelers

Arno Froese

The United States Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP) has announced an expansion of its facial recognition screening program for its optional Global Entry program.

The CBP has been behind a rollout of facial recognition systems at a number of ports of entry across the country over recent months, including deployments at international airports.

Initial trials for facial recognition scans by the CBP began in a pilot program in 2018 at the Orlando International Airport, and the program has since been expanded to include 14 more airports, including two in Ireland and one in the Bahamas.

The system will operate by having passengers step up to the kiosks and have their faces scanned by the cameras. The image captured will then be matched against a gallery of images compiled from one of CBPs Automated Targeting System, ATS, the Unified Passenger Module, or UPAX., 17 January 2020

Arno's commentary

Two words come to mind: security and total control. The technology does exist, but will have to be implemented in increments until everyone agrees to this method of security and registration. While opposing voices are being heard, it stands to reason that security registration will have the upper hand eventually.

All this is in preparation for the final government, a global authority that will guarantee peace, prosperity, and security—albeit temporarily.

Arno Froese is the executive director of Midnight Call Ministries and editor-in-chief of the acclaimed prophetic magazines Midnight Call and News From Israel. He has authored a number of well-received books, and has sponsored many prophecy conferences in the U.S., Canada, and Israel. His extensive travels have contributed to his keen insight into Bible prophecy, as he sees it from an international perspective.

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