Spiritual Strength For Each Day

“And ye shall be holy men unto me” (Exodus 22:31).

Let us consider this “Holiness unto the Lord” a little more closely. It had to be engraved upon a plate of gold. Gold symbolizes the glory of God in the Bible. Those who are holy and live holy lives reveal subconsciously the nature of God: glory.
The golden plate with the inscription, “Holiness unto the Lord” had to be upon Aaron’s forehead, which represents the seat of human thought and from where commands proceed. There on the seat of personality, the Lord lays His hand and puts His seal, “Holiness unto the Lord.” “Holiness unto the Lord” was engraved upon the plate “…like the engravings of a signet.” Something that is engraved represents an unchanging and irrevocable fact. It is as though the Lord had sealed His servant with these words, and thus announced before the visible and invisible world, “He is Mine!” The plate on Aaron the High Priest’s forehead was where everyone could see and read it. Aaron did not have to proclaim, “I belong to the Lord,” because people could see it at first glance. Truly sanctified people speak through their nature louder than through their words; they are legible epistles of Christ, read of all men.

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