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#GO3346 Making Sense of Crucial Last-Days Signs

YES! With the help of my Lord, I will gladly support Midnight Call’s outreach to lost souls.

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GO3346 YES! With the help of my Lord, I will gladly support Midnight Call’s outreach to lost souls.

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Making Sense of Crucial Last-Days Signs

Pressure is rising. The global atmosphere is morphing as never before. It’s time to pay attention to the warnings around us that point to inevitable catastrophes to come.

Bible prophecy expert Ron Rhodes surveys 15 current trends that affect us on a worldwide, national, and personal scale—suggesting some inescapable consequences to our safety, rights, and way of life. You will see how the stage is being set for the end times with such drastic developments as…

• the escalation of cyberwarfare
• the deterioration of religious freedom
• the dissolution of the family unit

With eye-opening research and a helpful examination of Scripture, Rhodes clearly shows where trends are leading while advocating a response based on hope, truth, and preparation rather than fear.

End-Times Super Trends

ITEM #2342 • 272 pgs. • Paperback
Author: Ron Rhodes • $15.99

What We Can Learn about the End of the World from the Reformer

Many are of the opinion that a new era began with the great Reformer Martin Luther. The Middle Ages had ended and a new age had dawned. That was never Luther’s own reckoning. Throughout his life, he was convinced that “the last day is at the door,” “it is the last hour,” “certainly all is at an end,” and the earth “would not last another hundred years.” He believed he was living in the end time and thought of his Reformation as a sign of the last days.

Why the Reformer was of this opinion is the theme of this book. There are some things that we Christians today, several hundred years later, can learn and benefit from the “near expectation” of Martin Luther.

Luther’s View of the End Time
ITEM #1086 • 96 pgs. • Paperback
Author: René Malgo • Retail: $9.95  ONLY $6.00

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Binding Paperback
Pages 272
ISBN 9780736970259
Author(s) Ron Rhodes
Publisher Harvest House

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