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#GO3348 Are You Living in Light of Eternity?

YES! With the help of my Lord, I will gladly support Midnight Call’s outreach to lost souls.

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GO3348 YES! With the help of my Lord, I will gladly support Midnight Call’s outreach to lost souls.

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When you’ve got only one life and you know there is coming a day when you will stand before God, it’s important to consider whether you’re living each day like your life depends on it.
If you’re a Christian, the good news is God’s judgment isn’t about determining your salvation—it’s about rewarding your faithfulness. Salvation cannot be earned—it’s already yours.
In Heavenly Rewards you will uncover fascinating truths about how the life you live today determines your life in eternity. You will…

• learn tangible ways you can please the Lord in your everyday living
• discover that your labor and sacrifices are never in vain—God is a faithful rewarder
• see the benefits of living faithfully and enduring through even the most difficult times

Yes, your faithfulness will be rewarded. God knows the smallest details of your days, and He wants to acknowledge every act you’ve done for Him.
Living well with an eternal perspective really can change your life—for good.

Heavenly Rewards
ITEM #2357 • 192 pgs. • Paperback
Author: Mark Hitchcock • $14.99

How Seven Days Reveal God’s Plan for the World

The Day of Salvation includes the Dispensation of Grace and characteristics of the New Dispensation, among other things. Highly relevant are the Day of Jesus Christ and the Apostolic Mystery of the Rapture. The Day of Eternity covers the fulfillment of all things, the new heaven and the new earth, and living for eternity. 
These are just a sample of the seven days and their themes that the author describes.
This booklet shows that the countdown has long since begun, and we’re headed straight for the ultimate turning point in world history.

Seven Days To Eternity
ITEM #1089 • 36 pgs. • Booklet
Author: Norbert Lieth • Retail: $4.50  ONLY $2.50

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Binding Paperback
Pages 192
ISBN 9780736976534
Author(s) Mark Hitchcock
Publisher Harvest House

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