Midnight Call August 2021


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• The Most Important Word in World History
• Modern World History Told by the Bible
• Is Hell Eternal?
• Why We Can Have Assurance of Salvation
• The Lord Knows Where We Dwell

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Cover Story: The Most Important Word in World History: Part 2 - By Stephan Beitze
If ever there was anyone who we could say loved, it is the Lord. And the phrase, “It is finished!” underscores His love. Have you already recognized and accepted this love? And if so, do you love others with this love?

Is Hell Eternal? – Part 2 - By Dr. Ron J. Bigalke
Why We Can Have Assurance of Salvation - Johannes Pflaum
Congregational Singing—Forbidden? Part 2 - By Dr. Roger Liebi
The Lord Knows Where We Dwell - By Wim Malgo

Money: Ends and Trends: World Geopolitics by the Bible: Whither America? – Part 3 - By Wilfred Hahn

World Focus: CHINA, Carbon Neutral By 2060? - UK, Market Knows What You Think - SWITZERLAND, World Gained 5.2m Millionaires During Pandemic - BRAZIL, Cyber Attack: The New Warfare - WORLD, Ten Most Livable Cities - USA, Balloon Flights into Space - RUSSIA, Removes Dollar from Holdings

Action for Israel: (Judges 21:25) - By Arno Froese

Letters to the Editor: Empty Earth?…Insidious Replacement Theology...Israel’s Borders

Fellow Laborers: How a Single Piece of Mail Can Change Everything - By Elia Morise

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