Midnight Call July 2022

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• What Matters in the End
• Worshiping God in Distressing Times
• The Bridge Between God and Us
• Encouragement Despite Covid
• The Tribulation Foreshadowed

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Cover Story: What Matters in the End - By Norbert Lieth
Peter asked what he and the other Apostles would receive, since they had given up everything for the Lord. Jesus answered with a view into the future of the messianic kingdom, using a parable that is remarkable in terms of redemptive history.

Worshiping God in Distressing Times - By Dr. Ron J. Bigalke
The Bridge Between God and Us - By Wim Malgo

Money: Ends and Trends: World Economic Control Prophesied: The Tribulation Foreshadowed – Part 3 - By Wilfred Hahn

World Focus: USA, Emotion-Sensing Artificial Intelligence - INDIA, Government Bans All Wheat Exports - ISRAEL, Expansion of West Bank Subdivisions - AUSTRALIA, Solar Power at Night? - CHINA, Restrictions on Minors Live-Streaming - NORTH KOREA, Over One Million Covid Cases

Action for Israel: Where did it all begin? (Ezekiel 11:17) - By Arno Froese

Fellow Laborers: Encouragement Despite Covid - By Markus and Ellen Steiger

Just For You!: Blocked Progress - By Peter Malgo

Letters to the Editor: Rapture–When?...Bring Jews to Israel...Saved Eternally

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Pages 48
Publisher Midnightcall

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