Midnight Call September 2021

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• What Does It Mean to Be Led by the Spirit?
• What Should I Do?
• Is Hell Eternal?
• Position on Millennial Residents
• It’s Always Been Like This

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Cover Story: What Does It Mean to Be Led by the Spirit? - By Johannes Pflaum
The Acts of the Apostles describes proclaiming God’s Word as the Holy Spirit speaking. The Holy Spirit primarily speaks through the Word of God today. We’re often not even aware of it, but simply interpreting and applying His Word.

Is Hell Eternal? – Part 3 - By Dr. Ron J. Bigalke
What Should I Do? - By Norbert Lieth
The Mystery of the Next Step of Faith - By Wim Malgo
Position on Millennial Residents - By Wilfred Hahn
It’s Always Been Like This - By Norbert Lieth

Money: Ends and Trends: World Geopolitics by the Bible: Whither America? – Part 4 - By Wilfred Hahn

World Focus: EU, Bitcoin Transfers Must Be Identified - CANADA, Tax the Ultra-Rich - WORLD, 5-Day Workweek Is Dead - NEW ZEALAND, Will Open Travel Be Closed Again? - USA, Brain Chip Allows Paralyzed Man to Write - FRANCE, French as the EU’s Common Tongue?

Action for Israel: Rosh Hashanah (Isaiah 29:23-24) - By Arno Froese

Letters to the Editor: Evidence for the Exodus...Cremation Forbidden?...Hosea’s Third Day

Fellow Laborers: Progress on New Boarding School’s Construction - By Obed And Rebecca Hanisch

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Publisher Midnightcall

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