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#MES Why Israel’s existence is a true miracle of God • Do You Believe in Miracles? • Why Christians Should Support Israel • An Informed Response to Islam’s War with Christianity

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Middle East Set

Why Israel’s existence is a true miracle of God
In their exciting book Target Israel, prophecy experts Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson explain why Israel is at the center of God’s prophetic plan for the future.
• the miracle of Israel’s modern-day existence • Israel’s unique purpose in the world • the ways in which Israel serves as a super sign of the end times • the coming alliance of nations that will attempt to annihilate Israel • Christ’s return to Jerusalem to rule the world

TARGET ISRAEL • ITEM #2293 • $15.99

Do You Believe in Miracles?
Everyone is looking for a miracle. Families devastated by a faltering economy. A college student facing the horrific diagnosis of cancer. Corporately, whole nations are teetering on the brink of despair and chaos. Miracle of Israel is a stunning examination of the millennia-old love that God has for His people that:

• Clearly conveys the promise God gave to Abraham • Examines the ancient prophecies regarding Israel that have happened and are unfolding even today • Provides an easy-to-read timeline of miracle after miracle related to the nation of Israel

MIRACLE OF ISRAEL • ITEM #2303 • $13.99

Why Christians Should Support Israel
• What Is Zionism? • The Biblical Case for Israel • Modern Israel’s Right to the Land • Modern Israel’s Legal Right to the Land • What Is Replacement Theology? • Are Modern Jews Descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? • What Is Anti-Semitism? • Revelation 12 and the Future of Israel • Lovers of Zion: A History of Christian Zionism

THE CASE FOR ZIONISM • ITEM #2327 • $14.99

An Informed Response to Islam’s War with Christianity
In The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent, readers will discover helpful answers to these questions and more: • How does Islam’s growing influence affect me personally? • In what ways are our freedoms of speech and religion in danger? • How can I extend Christ’s love to Muslims around me?


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Binding Paperback
Pages 891
Author(s) Tim LaHaye, Ed Hindson, Gary Frazier, Jim Fletcher, Thomas Ice, Erwin W. Lutzer
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