Midnight Call April 2020


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• Coming Full Circle
• The Devil’s Sudden Killer Tactic
• The Coronavirus
• As in the Days of Noah?
• When Christ Is Everything to Us

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Cover Story: Coming Full Circle –Part 1 - By Norbert Lieth
The whole of creation is crying and distressed. It longs and hopes for salvation and liberation. And with Jesus Christ, the risen One and the first of a new creation, the transformation begins.

Counted in That Number: The Doctrine of Sainthood - By Dr. Ron J. Bigalke
When Christ Is Everything to Us - By Wim Malgo
As in the Days of Noah? - By Samuel Rindlisbacher
The Coronavirus - By Arno Froese

Money: Ends and Trends: The Devil’s Sudden Killer Tactic – Part 1 - By Wilfred Hahn

World Focus: CHINA, Huawei Launches Foldable Smartphone - USA, Four-Day Workweek? - ISRAEL, Digital Healthcare Innovation - PAKISTAN, 100,000 Chinese Ducks to Combat Locusts - WORLD, Dissatisfaction with Democracy at Record High - UK, New Colleague Could Be a Robot

Action for Israel: The Passover Conflict (Genesis 41:29-30) - By Arno Froese

Letters to the Editor: 3 Nights and 3 Days...Sinful Flesh...The Real ID

Fellow Laborers: Behold, a Sower Went Forth to Sow…! - By Eberhard and Rosmarie Hanisch

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