Midnight Call December 2020


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• From Nazareth to Nazareth
• The Advent Season as a Mirror of Redemptive History
• The Message of Jonah
• Thoughts on Advent
• The Rapture Chronicles

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Cover Story: From Nazareth to Nazareth - By Thomas Lieth
God, who once made sure that Mary and Joseph had to leave Nazareth and go to Bethlehem, ensured that Mary and Joseph didn’t return there, but instead returned to Nazareth. That was an integral part of God’s plan of salvation.

The Advent Season as a Mirror of Redemptive History - By Norbert Lieth
The Message of Jonah – Part 1 - By Dr. Ron J. Bigalke
The Evangelist, the Businesswoman, and the Lost Cell Phone - By Elia Morise
Thoughts on Advent - By Norbert Lieth

Money: Ends and Trends: The Rapture Chronicles – Part 4: A Sure Doctrine of the Bible - By Wilfred Hahn

World Focus: SWEDEN, Strict New Rules Amid Rising Coronavirus Cases - WORLD, Best and Worst Pension Systems - SOUTH KOREA, Exceptional Success on Coronavirus - VATICAN, Pope Calls for Civil Unions for Same-Sex Couples - UK, World’s First Covid Passport - GERMANY, Law Says You Must Walk Your Dog Twice a Day

Action for Israel: For Israel, Moses is the ultimate authority (Deuteronomy 18:18) - By Arno Froese

Letters to the Editor: Date of Christ’s Birth...Ten Kings...Identifying the Messiah

Fellow Laborers: Missionary Work in the Age of Coronavirus Continued

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