Midnight Call July 2020


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• Peace in a Restless Time
• “We ought to obey God rather than men”
• Excusing Sin
• Coronavirus App Privacy Concerns
• Banning the Word Coronavirus

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Cover Story: Peace in a Restless Time - By Samuel Rindlisbacher
Fear is visible in people’s eyes. Let’s not deceive ourselves: we Christians can be afraid too. We Christians are also affected by the virus. And yet, in all of this, we Christians are able to know about the one resting place: Jesus Christ.

“We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29b) - By Arno Froese
Excusing Sin - By Dr. Ron J. Bigalke
The Exalted Lord, Gracious and Just - By Wim Malgo

Money: Ends and Trends: World End-Time Mammonization: Part 2 - By Wilfred Hahn

World Focus: RUSSIA, Anti-Coronavirus Drug for Export - WORLD, Healthiest Countries on Planet Earth - ISRAEL, Archaeology Supports Biblical Record on Canaanites - EU, Coronavirus App Privacy Concerns - USA, Billionaires Got $280 Billion Richer Since COVID-19 - TURKMENISTAN, Banning the Word Coronavirus

Action for Israel: “Three Gulf states seek partnership with Israel to fight coronavirus.” (2 Kings 5:13-14) - By Arno Froese

Letters to the Editor: Universe Balancing...Global WarMing...Ham and Japheth

Fellow Laborers: Separated from the Public a Means of Grace? - By Fredy Peter

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