Midnight Call March 2023


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• How Much Longer, Lord?
• Two Gardens
• The Holy and True One
• SOS: A Cry for Help with Everyday Problems
• Prophesied World Orders and Red China

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Cover Story: How Much Longer, Lord? – Part 1 - By Fredy Peter
Psalm 94 is the heart’s cry of all generations of believers suffering injustice. It also contains a description of society that couldn’t be more fitting for our 21st century. This psalm gives reasons why the children of God can be confident despite incomprehensible suffering.

Two Gardens - By Dr. Ron J. Bigalke
The Holy and True One - By Wim Malgo
SOS: A Cry for Help with Everyday Problems - By Johannes Vogel

Money: Ends and Trends: Prophesied World Orders and Red China: Part 1 - By Wilfred Hahn

World Focus: WORLD, Metaverse: What Is It? - JAPAN, Battery Factory Coming to South Carolina - RUSSIA, Facial Recognition of Putin’s Crowd - USA, GOAT: A Word to Be Banished - SWEDEN, Rare Earth Deposits Found - DENMARK, Mandatory Military Service for Women

Action for Israel: Moderate Imam Speaks (Ezekiel 47:22) - By Arno Froese

Fellow Laborers: Delighting in the Bible, and Broken Glass - By André Beitze, Guatemala

Letters to the Editor: Total Control…Bible Translations…Memories

Just For You!: I Am Afraid - By Peter Malgo

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