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#9211 Tomorrow’s Magazine, for Today.

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#9211 Tomorrow’s Magazine, for Today

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The Great Hallelujah #1079 • 40 pgs. • Author: Arno Froese

I believe that the word “hallelujah” is being misused today. In this study, we will learn that this word should not be used lightheartedly in general conversation, no matter how scriptural it sounds.

It is significant that this word appears in Scripture only in connection with righteous judgment on earth. Any “hallelujahs” at this time would mean the speaker and hearer of the Word are in agreement with instant judgment upon any and all sins. That, however, includes yours and mine and contradicts the dispensation of grace. We do not want the world to be judged, rather saved.

A proclamation of accomplished victory over evil!

America’s Only International Bible Prophecy Magazine

Looking at the news media, there is ample reason to be concerned about the future:

• The turmoil in the Middle East sees no ending

• Africa seems to be embroiled in corruption and religious wars

• The hope for democracy in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq and others has all but disappeared

• Russia and Ukraine are at a stand off

• Not much good news is coming out of Europe

What about our beloved America? Strange things are taking place. I believe the news media is not giving us the WHOLE picture.

But thankfully, there is an answer. Actually, the Bible gives us a very precise reason for the things that are happening.

And that’s what Midnight Call magazine is all about. Our research uncovers the hidden news behind the news. We reveal the many important events often overlooked by the news media.

As a Christian, we know that God has a plan, a purpose; nothing is happening “accidentally.” That is precisely what we would like to share with you. Not what we think, but what the Bible says. Actually, you will be amazed at the wealth of new information you will receive month-after-month when you read Midnight Call magazine.

✓ The truth behind the news at your fingertips

✓ Tap into the analytical insight of top biblical scholars

✓ Study in-depth coverage and read detailed commentary on international topics

✓ Receive uncompromised biblical truths on important issues

✓ Supports pro-Bible, pro-family and pro-life teaching

✓ Enjoy hidden information you will not read anywhere else

Start taking advantage of this special offer NOW and receive the news, updates, and special reports you won’t find anywhere else. The information you receive in each issue of Midnight Call is vital in order to discern the times in which we live.

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