Products tagged with 'Creation x Evolution'

Products tagged with 'Creation x Evolution'

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  • Guide to Creation

    #2310 How should we handle the times when science and the Bible seem to disagree? Along the way you’ll learn what both science and the Bible say. A great gift for children and young people!

  • If Animals Could Talk

    #2209 Dr. Werner Gitt, one of the foremost creationist speakers in the world, uses his scientific expertise to show the unique design features of some of God's most captivating creations.

  • In the Beginning was Information

    #2215 “Powerful evidence for the existence of a personal God!”

  • The Genesis Factor: Myths and Realities

    #2239 From fossil, geologic, and historic evidence, and more, The Genesis Factor reinforces the validity of the scriptural account of Creation, the Great Flood, and the Tower of Babel.