Spiritual Strength For Each Day

“Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof” (2 Timothy 3:5).

Why do Christians today pursue more and more what is not genuine? Why is the façade passionately accepted and defended, while the essence, the true thing, withers? Clinging to what only appears to be real, to a deception, is increasing daily. This is all the more the case because the revelation of the pseudo-Christ, the Antichrist, is no longer far off. The more we walk in the light, in prayer and with the Word of God, the more we will be able to distinguish between the genuine and the false, the real thing from the apparently real. Those who have the Spirit of God have the Spirit of truth, have the anointing, and do not need anyone to teach them. This means that when such a person enters a church, he or she feels instinctively whether Jesus Christ really is at the center, or merely an appearance that is maintained. In this connection, I would like to pronounce an earnest warning. In the indivisible point of time when the Rapture will take place, the genuine will be divided from the false, the truly born-again person from the nominal Christian. Therefore, my question is, is being crucified with Jesus Christ a reality in your daily life?

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