Spiritual Strength For Each Day

“He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; and like a lamb dumb before his shearer, so opened he not his mouth” (Acts 8:32).

Jesus is called a Lamb to reveal His nature to the world. A lamb is a picture of innocence and purity. Jesus is true man in all things, “…but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin” (Hebrews 4:15). We see that He really was a man made of flesh and blood from the revelation of His deep humanity: He shed tears, He was hungry, He was thirsty, He rejoiced, He was tired, He was tempted by Satan—but He did not sin! This is why He is called the Lamb of God. Jesus was pure; thus His blood, and His blood alone, cleanses us from all sin.

He was called the Lamb of God to show us His way. He came into this world with the clear aim of being slaughtered for our sins, “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain…” (Revelation 5:12). He was not taken by surprise by His executioners, but said in holy determination, “For this cause came I unto this hour” (John 12:27). He gave His life voluntarily, and thereby He revealed His nature as a lamb that knows before it is going to be slaughtered.

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