Spiritual Strength For Each Day

The hardest battle of a born-again person is prayer. Notice how Satan attempts at all costs and by all means to keep you from praying, because through earnest, persevering prayer, souls are snatched away from him. Beware of the kind of enemies that Satan uses in order to resist you: people. What kind of people? Religious people! When Jesus Christ walked on this earth, it was not the sinners who were His greatest enemies. On the contrary, He was always surrounded by them. His bitterest enemies were the religious people. These were the people who ultimately nailed Him to the cross. It is the same today. You will encounter the most disapproval from “Christians without Christ.” I would like to ask these so-called Christians, do you know where you are going? The devil does not mind your armchair Christianity at all. If you do not experience the new birth, that is, if your heart is not renewed, you will one day belong to Satan, the enemy of your souls, forever. Take the words of James in chapter 4:7 to heart, “Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

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