Ed Hindson

  • 15 Future Events That Will Shake the World

    #2285 What can people on Earth expect during the last days?

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  • Understanding Revelation in 60 Minutes

    #7084 This helpful DVD presentation, skillfully guides viewers toward a clear and useful grasp of Revelation’s main events, characters, and predictions about the last days.

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  • Target Israel

    #2293 Caught in the Crosshairs of the End Times! What lies ahead for Israel? Does this mean the last days are almost here? What to expect at the rapture, the second coming, and in Jesus' kingdom on Earth.

  • Exploring Bible Prophecy from Genesis to Revelation

    #2275 More than 500 easy-to-read pages of explanatory comments about the prophecies in God’s Word.

  • The Popular Encyclopedia of Church History

    #2288 A comprehensive panorama of church history from Acts 2 to today. This valuable resource will enrich believers’ appreciation for the wonderful heritage behind their Christian faith.

  • The Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy

    #2201 More Than 140 Topics Addressed by Today's Experts in Bible Prophecy.