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  • Who Am I?

    #2422 NEW A new generation is preoccupied with the question of identity, and it’s getting complicated. We see a rise in psychology, genders and sexualities, identity politics, and obsession with the self.

  • Living in the Daze of Deception

    #2421 New Understanding and Answering FALSE Claims about Prophecy. With a perspective grounded in the Bible, you will be equipped to discern flawed views on prophecy, rest secure in immovable truth, and grow in anticipation of the day when Christ will make all things new.

  • The Time of the Signs

    #2420 New As you study the signs Jesus foretold, you’ll see amazing evidence that we are living in the very time of these signs—and gain a clear understanding of what will happen, and when.

  • Bible Prophecy Under Siege

    #2419 New Understanding and Answering FALSE Claims about Prophecy. With a perspective grounded in the Bible, you will be equipped to discern flawed views on prophecy, rest secure in immovable truth, and grow in anticipation of the day when Christ will make all things new.

  • Out of the Far North

    #2418 New As Israel’s elite fighting forces and the Mossad go undercover, they detect the Kremlin is planning a major attack against Israel. Hunting for clues, Mossad agents Nir Tavor and Nicole le Roux plunge themselves into the treacherous underworld of Russian oligarch money, power, and decadence.

    Regular Price: $15.99

    Special Price $12.00

  • Foundational Truths: A Modern Catechism

    #2417 NEW Explore key biblical questions and answers that empower you to comprehend the essence of your beliefs, all grounded in Scripture.

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price $20.00

  • Instincts By Design

    #2416 NEW Takes you on a fascinating exploration of the biblical and scientific wonder behind the instincts within humans and animals.

  • Information: The Key to Life

    #2415 NEW Dr. Werner Gitt Lays out the scientific logic for an alternate worldview in which a purposeful Creator God is the best and only rational alternative. Understand the true definition and source of information found within life.

  • One Day Nearer

    #2414 NEW The absolute certainty of Christ’s return is proclaimed all through the Bible. God has given us many prophecies about this wonderful event to fill us with hope. Daily Devotions in Anticipation of Jesus’ Glorious Return.

  • The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the Book of Daniel

    #2412 NEW In today’s increasingly UNSTABLE culture, we need the wealth of wisdom available in the book of Daniel which teaches us to live boldly and joyfully for the Lord, even in the most difficult circumstances.

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    Special Price $15.00

  • Adam: First and the Last

    #2413 New Is the Adam we read about in Genesis a real man or a myth? Many contemporary theologians, seminary professors, and even pastors now teach that Adam is a mere myth, fable, or figurative character.

    Regular Price: $15.99

    Special Price $12.00

  • Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible

    #2411 New How Did Huge Dinosaurs Fit on the Ark? Are Dinosaurs and Dragons the Same Thing? Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible will prepare your heart and your home to believe every word of the historical account of creation found in Genesis.

  • Divine Dilemma

    #2410 New Wrestling with the Question of a Loving God in a Fallen World. During these vulnerable moments of heartache and grief, people need answers from the firm foundation of Scripture.

  • Scoffers

    #2409 New to Our Ministry Responding to Those Who Deliberately Overlook Creation and the Flood.

  • God's Grand Finale

    #2408 New The Bible’s last book is God’s final word to mankind—and the breathtaking revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though this letter describes depravity, devils, and destruction, it also provides an incredible portrait of our almighty God, delivering profound insights into who He really is.

  • Has the Tribulation Begun? Study Guide

    #2407 New Studying what the Bible says about the last days blesses you with clarity and confidence for today. This insightful resource will help you untangle the mysteries of the end times while encouraging you with a peace that comes from living with an eternal perspective.

    Regular Price: $10.99

    Special Price $8.00

  • Has the Tribulation Begun?

    #2406 New As we wonder how close the end times truly are, we must return to God’s Word for clarity and wisdom. Has the Tribulation Begun? delivers enlightening biblical truth alongside powerful encouragement to live for the Lord today.

    Regular Price: $16.99

    Special Price $12.00

  • Bible Prophecy: The Essentials

    #2405 User-friendly and organized by topic, Amir and Barry’s thoughtful and informative question-and-answer book will become your go-to resource as you prayerfully grow in your understanding of Bible prophecy.

  • 40 Days Through Bible Prophecy

    #2404 Approach every part of God’s Word with confidence and clarity! 40 Days Through Bible Prophecy will encourage you to grow in faith as you gain an accurate understanding of God’s soon-to-be-fulfilled promises.

  • Israel Always

    #2403 Israel Always is a sweeping journey through Israel’s prolific history, its modern-day influence, and its promised future, highlighting the continuous throughline of God’s provision for His people.

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  • By Way of Deception

    #2402 The Mossad has uncovered Iran's plans to smuggle untraceable weapons of mass destruction into Israel. The clock is ticking, and agents Nir Tavor and Nicole le Roux can't act quickly enough.

    Regular Price: $15.99

    Special Price $12.00

  • Come and See What Will Take Place in the Future

    #2401 An absolutely brilliant way to teach Bible prophecy!

  • Freedom In Christ

    #2400 Understanding Paul's Epistle to the Galatians.

    Regular Price: $10.95

    Special Price $8.00

  • The Chronological Guide to Bible Prophecy

    #2399 This fun and informative book provides a comprehensive survey of the many prophecies found in Scripture, underlining their themes and illuminating why they bring us hope today.

    Regular Price: $18.99

    Special Price $14.00

  • Traced

    #2398 Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise takes you on a journey through findings that will never let you see human history the same way again!

  • The End Times in Chronological Order Workbook

    #2397 Answers Your Questions About What Will Happen, and When. Let your heart be enriched, nurtured, and emboldened as you experience the blessing the book of Revelation promises to those who study Bible prophecy!

  • Revealing Revelation Workbook

    #2395 Revelation does not stand alone in the Bible—rather, it’s a culmination of God’s words throughout the entire Old and New Testaments. This companion workbook to Revealing Revelation helps you examine the Bible’s final book through that lens, illuminating Revelation both as an individual letter and as  part of a greater whole.

  • Revealing Revelation

    #2394 Bestselling author Amir Tsarfati examines what Revelation makes known about the end times and beyond. Guided by accessible teaching that lets Scripture speak for itself.

  • The Non-Prophet's Guide to Prophecy for Young People

    #2396 What Every Kid Needs to Know About the End Times. This funny and fact-filled exploration explains to preteens what Bible prophecy is, why it is so important, who the prophets were, and a whole lot more.

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $10.00

  • Foreshadows

    #2393 Explores 12 major trends that point toward Jesus’ ever-nearing return—illuminating how God’s faithfulness, wisdom, and sovereignty are on display all around us.

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    Special Price $14.00

  • Questions Jesus Asks

    #2392 Jesus rarely answered questions He was asked, but instead turned the tables by asking a piercing question of His own. Questions Jesus Asks goes through a broad spectrum of these, dealing with issues like morality, suffering, humility, faith, and much more.

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price $9.00

  • Creation to Babel

    #2390 Ensure the next generation understands God’s greatness and authority.

  • The Heavens

    #2391 This photo journey through the created cosmos is packed with breathtaking astrophotography, Scripture, and short essays on the uniqueness of our galaxy and beyond.

  • Operation Joktan

    #2389 In this thrilling first book in a new series, authors Amir Tsarfati and Steve Yohn draw on true events as well as tactical insights Amir learned from his time in the Israeli Defense Forces. For believers in God’s life-changing promises, Operation Joktan is a suspense-filled page-turner that illuminates the blessing Israel is to the world.

    Regular Price: $15.99

    Special Price $12.00

  • The Most Asked Prophecy Questions

    #2388 In these unpredictable times, nothing is more encouraging than realizing the God who loves you has a fabulous future awaiting all who love Him. The more you study Bible prophecy, the more hope and assurance you’ll gain in the midst of today’s chaos.

    Regular Price: $16.99

    Special Price $12.00

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