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  • Ron Rhodes Set

    #RRS Uncovering the Mystery of the End Times • The Imminent End of Oil... Apocalypse soon? • Almost 2700 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel detailed a massive end–times attack against Israel.

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  • Mark Hitchcock Set

    #MHS What You Need in These Uncertain Times • Who Is Satan? What Is Spiritual Warfare? • What will happen during Armageddon? • Who Is the Antichrist?

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  • Middle East Set

    #MES Why Israel’s existence is a true miracle of God • Do You Believe in Miracles? • Why Christians Should Support Israel • An Informed Response to Islam’s War with Christianity

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  • New Answers Set

    #NAS Over 120 Questions on Creation/Evolution and the Bible

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  • Facts On Set

    #FOS What does the Catholic Church teach concerning salvation? • How did Mormonism originate? • Is Masonry a religion? • What is the Watchtower Society?

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  • Minor Prophets Set

    #TMP The author unveils many mysteries, some of which have caused confusion within the Church. Now the whole set, all 832 pages, is laid out for you to learn the significance of these amazing prophets.

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