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  • What the Qur'an Really Teaches About Jesus

    #2351 Who Is the Jesus of Islam? As Islam continues to spread rapidly across the globe and increases opportunities for personal interaction with Muslims, it’s vital that you handle all matters of the Christian faith with wisdom and discernment.

  • 10 Mistakes People Make About Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife

    #2350 What’s the Truth About Eternity? What are the straightforward, biblical answers everyone needs to know about heaven, hell, and the afterlife?

  • A Flood of Evidence

    #2345 What You Need to Know About the Flood - Why Was It Necessary to Kill All Those Innocent People in the Flood? - Has Noah’s Ark Been Found? - 40 Reasons Noah and the Ark Still Matter

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  • Gospel Reset

    #2344 This book will help you understand how to effectively reach the lost with a message of salvation that actually makes sense.

  • World Religions and Cults BOX SET

    #2326 Discern Truth and Guard Your Faith
    Vol. 1: Counterfeits of Christianity
    Vol. 2: Moralistic, Mythical and Mysticism Religions
    Vol. 3: Atheistic and Humanistic Religions

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  • A Simple Christianity

    #2324 After years as believers, we can come to find the Christian life too complicated, our zeal diminished, and our relationship with Jesus grown cold and predictable. Rediscover the Foundational Principles of Our Faith.

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  • Guide to Creation

    #2310 How should we handle the times when science and the Bible seem to disagree? Along the way you’ll learn what both science and the Bible say. A great gift for children and young people!

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  • The Sure Foundation of the Church

    #1066 This verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Acts takes a sober and poignant look at the modern evangelical church in light of the words and actions of Paul and other Church fathers.

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  • Questions God Asks

    #2281 Understanding the Omnipotent GOD…Who asks questions of us. He is not the one who needs answers—these questions help us to understand both God and ourselves.

  • How Do We Know the Bible is True? Vol.2

    #2276 If you were asked how you know the Bible is true, do you have an answer?

  • How Do We Know the Bible is True? - Vol.1

    #2267 You will find responses to those honest questions of faith, helping to build a confidence in God’s Word.

  • The Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy

    #2259 The Bible, the Future, and You. Is it Really Possible to Know the Future?

  • The Palestinian Right to Israel

    #2256 Systematically and methodically exposes the myths and lies about the Arab right to the land of Israel.

  • The New Answers Book 3

    #2247 Over 35 Questions on Creation/Evolution and the Bible

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  • The New Answers Book 2

    #2240 Over 30 Questions on Creation/Evolution and the Bible.

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  • The Genesis Factor: Myths and Realities

    #2239 From fossil, geologic, and historic evidence, and more, The Genesis Factor reinforces the validity of the scriptural account of Creation, the Great Flood, and the Tower of Babel.

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  • The Concise Guide to Today's Religions and Spirituality

    #2234 A Rapid-Reference Directory of Religion and Spirituality in America.

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  • The New Answers Book 1

    #2232 Over 25 Questions on Creation/ Evolution and the Bible

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  • In the Beginning was Information

    #2215 “Powerful evidence for the existence of a personal God!”

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  • If Animals Could Talk

    #2209 Dr. Werner Gitt, one of the foremost creationist speakers in the world, uses his scientific expertise to show the unique design features of some of God's most captivating creations.

  • World Religion & Cults 101

    #2204 Ever wonder why there are so many different religions? Do they all basically teach the same thing?

  • Fast Facts on False Teachings

    #2194 Cult experts combine their extensive knowledge to give you quick, clear facts about 16 major false teachings of today.

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  • The Masonic Christian Conflict Explained

    #1058 One of the most threatening dangers to evangelical Christian churches today is Freemasonry.

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  • Why It Pays to Be a Christian

    #1054 This book contains a huge message about salvation in Jesus Christ.

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