Ron Rhodes

  • 40 Days Through Daniel

    #2304 As you see God’s faithfulness on display in the lions’ den, in the fiery furnace, and in the rise and fall of world empires, you’ll gain a deep sense that God is in control.

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  • 40 Days Through Revelation

    #2301 Ron Rhodes guides readers on an encouraging journey through this prophetic book, interpreting its picturesque language and revealing its reassuring promises.

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  • The Coming Oil Storm

    #2248 The Imminent End of Oil…and Its Strategic Global Role in End-Times Prophecy.

  • The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy

    #2287 You’ve heard about the tribulation, millennium, rapture, and antichrist, but you may wonder, what’s all the debating about?

  • Northern Storm Rising

    #2294 Almost 2700 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel detailed a massive end–times attack against Israel. The coalition he describes is still making headlines today.

  • The End Times in Chronological Order

    #2284 This book reveals when important end-time events happen in relation to each other. Who the major players in the end-time drama will be. How Old Testament and New Testament prophecies fit together. Why you can trust a literal interpretation of the Scriptures. No one knows the day or the hour…But you can know the order of events!