Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny

by Dave Hunt


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#2251 Why are we here? And where are we going? Does science have an answer to these two most fundamental questions of human existence?

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#2251 Why are we here? And where are we going?

Anyone who sets out with an honest heart, an inquiring mind, and a sincere desire to find answers to the most important questions one can face in life will recognize a significant few that must be given priority. Does God exist? What is the origin of the universe and of the life found in such abundance on our tiny planet? What is life and what is its purpose?

Does science have an answer to these fundamental questions of human existence? Can mankind determine and direct the future of life on earth purely by scientific means? Countless books have been written and anyone who studies even a fraction of these volumes must face at least three undeniable facts: 1) the disagreements are endless; 2) they are irreconcilable, and 3) they mostly lead nowhere.

Cosmos, Creator and Human Destiny is a book that every Christian can and should read; comforting and confidence-boosting for believers, convicting and catastrophic to the skeptic’s worldview. It is a soul-arresting work that strikes to the heart of the human condition and man-centered philosophy.


• The Challenge of the Cosmos

• Science Then and Now

• The New Atheists’ Speculative “Science”

• Impassable Chasms, Impossible Cliffs

• In the Beginning: The Question of Origins

• The Eternal Dilemma

• Why Can’t “Science” Tell Us Why?

• What about the Big Bang?

• From Big Bang to Life?

• Descent Into Collective Madness?

• Selfish Genes, Selfish People

• Misunderstandings and False Charges

• The Overlooked, Irrefutable Proof

• The Role of Israel and of Christ as Further Proof

And much more…

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Binding Hardcover
Pages 606
ISBN 9781928660644
Author(s) Dave Hunt
Publisher Berean Call

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