Revealing Revelation


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#GO3714 Are you prepared for what is to come?

YES! With the help of my Lord, I will gladly support Midnight Call’s outreach to lost souls.

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GO3714 YES! With the help of my Lord, I will gladly support Midnight Call’s outreach to lost souls.

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Tour the Final Book of the Bible

The book of Revelation was written because God wants us to know what the future holds. For Christians, the prophetic truths within provide wisdom, reassurance, and discernment—while for unbelievers, Revelation is a plea to receive God’s grace while there is still time.

Bestselling author Amir Tsarfati examines what Revelation makes known about the end times and beyond. Guided by accessible teaching that lets Scripture speak for itself, you’ll take a closer look at

• the timeline of what believers and nonbelievers will experience before, during, and after the tribulation
• the plan that the Lord has specifically prepared for the people of Israel in the end times
• the encouragements, challenges, and warnings Jesus Himself gave to prepare us for His return

Revealing Revelation
ITEM #2394 • 272 pgs. • Paperback
Author: Amir Tsarfati with Rick Yohn • $17.99

Approach Revelation with Clarity and Confidence

Revelation does not stand alone in the Bible—rather, it’s a culmination of God’s words throughout the entire Old and New Testaments. This companion workbook to Revealing Revelation helps you examine the Bible’s final book through that lens, illuminating Revelation both as an individual letter and as  part of a greater whole.

As bestselling author Amir Tsarfati and prophecy teacher Rick Yohn guide you through this inductive Bible study, you’ll encounter an exciting overview of God’s perfect plan for the future and thoughtful questions that encourage you to dive deeper into Scripture. You’ll gain…

• in-depth explorations of all 22 chapters in Revelation
• enlightening examinations of other passages from Scripture that bring context to and enhance your understanding of Revelation’s teachings
• essential habits you can bring into your study of any other book of the Bible

Revealing Revelation Workbook
ITEM #2395 • 208 pgs. • Paperback
Author: Amir Tsarfati with Rick Yohn • Retail: $14.99 ONLY $10.00


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Binding Paperback
Pages 272
ISBN 9780736985246
Author(s) Amir Tsarfati with Rick Yohn
Publisher Harvest House

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