The Great Hallelujah

by Arno Froese

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#1079 What Does "Hallelujah" Mean? "Hallelujah" in the Old and New Testament. A proclamation of accomplished victory over evil.

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#1079 A study on Revelation 19.

I believe that the word “hallelujah” is being misused today. In this study, we will learn that this word should not be used lightheartedly in general conversation, no matter how scriptural it sounds.

It is significant that this word appears in Scripture only in connection with righteous judgment on earth. Any “hallelujahs” at this time would mean the speaker and hearer of the Word are in agreement with instant judgment upon any and all sins. That, however, includes yours and mine and contradicts the dispensation of grace. We do not want the world to be judged, rather saved.

A proclamation of accomplished victory over evil!


• What Does "Hallelujah" Mean?

• Instant Judgment Example

"Hallelujah" in the Old Testament

• Summary of Old Testament "Hallelujahs"

New Testament "Hallelujah"

• Who Is Saying "Hallelujah"?

• Death Row Example

• The First "Hallelujah"

• The Second "Hallelujah"

• The Third "Hallelujah"

• Who Are the Four Beasts?

• The Fourth "Hallelujah"

• The Right Name at the Right Time

• Gentile Dogs

• The Door of Grace

"Hallelujah" Conclusion

• The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

• Final Judgment

• Indescribable Glory

• Worship the Lamb

• Spirit of Prophecy

• The White Horse

• Armies of Heaven

• Real Horses?

• The Sharp Sword


• Supper of the Great God

• Armageddon

• Demonic Rulers of the World

• The God of This World

• Spiritual Wickedness

• The Lake of Fire

• Slain with the Sword

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Pages 40
Author(s) Arno Froese
Publisher Midnightcall

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