The Masonic Christian Conflict Explained

by Keith Harris


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#1058 One of the most threatening dangers to evangelical Christian churches today is Freemasonry.

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#1058 The urgency of this subject lies in the fact that many governing positions in today’s evangelical churches are being filled by those who practice Freemasonry-quite possibly including the pastor of your church!

Lodge members emphatically deny that Freemasonry is a religion; however, it is only logical to conclude that any group or institution that does the following must be considered a religious group:

meets on a regular basis meets in temples

uses altars has deacons

prays to a deityserves communion

holds rituals baptizes

operates according to a generally agreed-upon doctrine

How much of Freemasonry has infiltrated our churches? Why are Masons allowed to retain their positions of leadership in our churches? Why is Freemasonry touted as a harmless fraternal organization when its roots are steeped in mysticism, magic and murder?

These are just a few of the many questions author Keith Harris answers in The Masonic/Christian Conflict Explained. We must take this issue seriously if we intend to take back our churches from unbelievers.

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Binding Paperback
Pages 176
ISBN 9780937422618
Author(s) Keith Harris
Publisher The Olive Press

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