When Death Comes

by Keith Harris

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#1056 A Complete Biblical Study of Death and the Afterlife.

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#1056 Losing a loved one to death is difficult and sometimes hard to understand. Many times we find ourselves asking why. During those times we need answers, not only when questions about mortality concern our loved ones, but also when they concern us as well.

Contrary to common belief, death is not a gloom and doom subject. It is a subject that we can understand, and one by which we may be inspired.

If you have ever been called upon to counsel the aged, the terminally ill, or those who are just beginning to question the mysteries of life and death, you will realize that mere human perspective is not enough to satisfy the mind. Personal opinions, near-death experiences, out-of-body phenomena, or fantastic dream-world ideas cannot supply the proper and satisfactory answer to our question.

When Death Comes is a biblically based study answering life’s questions about death and what occurs thereafter.

This study is a great tool for the minister as well as the layman who wishes to have answers to some of life’s most puzzling questions:

What about suicide?

The death of a child?


Hell? Burial vs. cremation?

All of these issues and more are addressed in this book.

Death is a fact of life that we must all face; therefore, it is wise to know the facts and to be prepared when death comes.

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Binding Paperback
Pages 224
ISBN 9780937422595
Author(s) Keith Harris
Publisher The Olive Press

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