Is Mormonism Christian? The Debate

by Elder Joe EvansJames Walker


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#7083 - 2 Hour Debate between a Mormon Elder and a former Mormon.

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#7083 For two fascinating hours, a Mormon Elder and a former Mormon go head-to-head on the critical issues separating Mormonism from traditional Christianity. Both men share their testimonies then tackle the big questions. No subject is off-limits. Questions include:

  • Is God married?
  • Was Joseph Smith a true prophet or guilty of false prophecy?
  • Does Mormonism teach that humans can become Gods?
  • Is salvation by grace through faith or by obedience to laws?
  • Has the Book of Mormon been changed in over 4,000 places?
  • Did Joseph Smith mistranslate the entire Book of Abraham?

James K. Walker is a former 4th-generation Mormon. He is now an evangelical Christian and president of Watchman Fellowship in Arlington, Texas. He also serves as adjunct professor of Evangelism at Criswell College.

Elder Joseph Evans is a returned Mormon missionary and a graduate of Brigham Young University. He serves as a regional coordinator for the LDS Institute and Seminary system in Dallas, Texas

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Total Length No
ISBN 9780978522834
Author(s) James Walker, Elder Joe Evans
Publisher Watchman Fellowship

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