The Palestinian Right to Israel

by Alex Grobman


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#2256 Systematically and methodically exposes the myths and lies about the Arab right to the land of Israel.

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#2256 The Arab/Israeli conflict is among the most intractable disputes in the world today. In this meticulously researched and well-written work, historian Alex Grobman systematically and methodically exposes the myths and lies about the Arab right to the land of Israel.

Judging by the attention the Arab-Israeli conflict generates in the international media and at the United Nations, the dispute is clearly among the most inexorable clashes in the world today. Few, if any other, conflicts in modern history have remained so central for so long. No problem has aroused “the conscience of humanity” as the “problem of Israel in its land,” observed former Israel Ambassador to the UN Yaacov Herzog.

Grobman traces the historical, religious and spiritual connection of the Jewish people to the land of Israel after the end of Jewish sovereignty in 70 CE; dispels the Arab claim that Palestine is a “twice promised land,” because the British pledged it to both the Arabs and the Jews; examines the Arab reaction to the Balfour Declaration and Jewish immigration to Palestine that established a precedent for dealing with Arabs that continues to this day; and describes Arab activities during WWII to the wart an Allied victory. 

Grobman shows that the Arabs have never accepted the right of Jews to re-establish their sovereignty in the land of Israel, and how they continually try to refute the Jewish connection to Israel, especially the city of Jerusalem, and charging that the Jews are not a people at all, and are consequently not entitled to a country of their own.

In the absence of a solution, a number of distortions proliferate about the conflict. American playwright David Mamet suggests it is futile to respond to these fabrications: “The effort to combat psychotic prejudice with reasonable counterarguments is not only an act of folly, but also a capitulation… One cannot reason a lunatic, or a congeries of the same, out of their delusion, for the delusion is the absence of reason.”

In essence, one cannot reason with people who do not wish to be swayed by facts. But what about those who genuinely seek the objective truth? This book is addressed to them.

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Binding Hardcover
Pages 336
ISBN 9781607255888
Author(s) Alex Grobman
Publisher Balfour Books

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