Popular Hebrew Songs

by Charis


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#9086 CD - Popular Hebrew Songs interpreted by this very talented group of musicians.

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#9086 This very talented group of musicians is made up mainly of coworkers from the Romanian branch of Midnight Call International. A number of volunteers are regular participants in the productions. All members are professionally trained in music.

The “CHARIS” project, meaning "God’s grace" in Greek, began in 2004.

The goal of the CHARIS musicians is to glorify the Lord with their musical talents and place His name on High.

Foldout booklet included with English translation of all Hebrew songs, allowing you to get a perfect sense of what is being sung and to better understand the meaning of the songs.

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to enjoy Israeli music and learn a little bit of Hebrew, praising God through your voice.

Songs: Avinu Malkeinu, Oseh Shalom, Shir Lama'alot, Od Yishama, Nachamu Ami, Unetaneh Tokef, Sh'ma Israel, Lema'an Tzion/Hineh Eloheinu, Kaddish, Sim Shalom, Tehe Hasha'a, Hatikvah.

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Total Length 62:22:00
Author(s) Charis
Publisher Midnightcall

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